"Tired of murdering, made him wanna be a plain gun
But yo, I had some other plans like the next time the beef is on
I make myself jam right in my owner’s hand"


"Crowds walk for miles just to hear that sound
Start to get more power than the ones that wear crowns"

Danny Brown

"The banks a G, all CREAM downs a bet
Money feed good, opposites off the set"


"Pursuit of happiness I keep pacin’, these motherfuckas racist
These ain’t fair races, they just let the fear erase us"

Joey Bada$$

"From the mouth I can spit out a razor, boy boy
Open up your facial like your boy Roy in his prime"


"No time for struggle cause we shining today, today
Look out the window see me flying away, away"

Action Bronson

"Whether Shalom aleikhem or A’Salaam Alaikum
Stand up lil homie, you part of a Khangregation"

Soul Khan

"lose the bling - jewels won’t fool ‘em, they know who’s the king
B, don’t step unless you got something new to bring"


"See it depends on your definition of winning
I ain’t start it from the bottom, I started from the beginning"


"Don’t fret little man, don’t cry
They can never take the energy inside you were born with
Knowing that, understand you could never be poor
You already won the war, you were born rich"



Microscopic Potato Starch in Polarizing Light

Photograph by Sergejus Byckovskis